The word ‘vulgar’ has been defined in various forms and styles such as impolite, rude and bad mannered. In the Caribbean culture, the word was always described as ‘whine’ which was however redefined in a complete new and innovative way by the Caribbean dance expert. Talking about the modes and thrusts of the rhythmic dance patterns which also include the pelvic girdle, he states whine to be stated in a vulgar tone. This reference may be in connection to the meaning of whine as defined in English dictionaries which states it to be a cry of complaint and pain.

In regard to the culture and context of the Caribbean notion, whine is actually a regional dance form that is accepted as a natural way through which people dance with the help of soca rhythm or calypso. This dance form needs no formal coaching or teaching in dance schools. It is actually a natural flow of dance that goes in sync with the speech and rhythm of the place. It is also stated that unlike other musical genres that tend to inspire the foot work in dance, the soca music on the other hand tend to inspire the movement of the waistline in comparison to other body parts.

There are many African societies also that dance to this form of soca movements which are known as whine. This word is considered to be synonymous to the tumbling and movement of waist in the African arts in rhythm to the beats of the drums and other instrumental devices. He also adds that being an African native, it can be said that this trait is inherited from ancestral members. It is also quite surprising that natives of Africa who have transferred themselves to either Jew, Chinese or East Indians also try to hold on to this culture of their motherland.

In the western culture, there is more prominence of thin women who have got thin waistline. On the other hand, especially in Africa and Caribbean culture, women are of big structure and they do not shy away from their physical curvatures.