Let us check what is new with Fuse? Actually, Fuse is a music television set-up known to be the newest channel. It made a significant development presently. It has created an unanticipated growth and development in a new field of script programming. Isn’t that exciting?!

Just recently the network has made a huge announcement that Fuse will have the premiere of its very first series well scripted on June 19 at a scheduled time of eleven in the evening. The title of the first series is “The Hustle.” From the title itself, you just can imagine how exciting and interesting it is. To give a slight idea of the whole series, “The Hustle” is actually created in six episodes. It is a drama and comedy series which is aired for thirty minutes. The setting is basically based on the hip hop world and features the rap duet of Kutta and D. They are also known to be the Finest of Brooklyn. It depicts how to save, nurture, and look out the value of friendship in the midst of success and failure. The whole thing has something to do with the participation of their long-time friend Ya-ya who became the representative of A&R. In this series, Rashad was played by Clinton Lowe, the associate of the partners in crime.

What is more exciting about this whole thing is that, Fuse will continue to follow every episode of “The Hustle” until it reaches the next item entitled “The Hustle After Party.” This talk show is performed and taped live with the audience in front. It is hosted by the host of the famous Fuse’s “Top 20 Countdown,” no other than the famous Esteban Serrano. Basically the things featured in the said show are the live interviews and excellent performances of different hip-hop singers and artists. There will also be cast appearances which is the highlight of the said show. You will surely witness the different points of views of the members of the cast in terms of the whole series and at the same time their experiences with one another. This is a one-of-a-kind interview with the different members of the cast. So don’t forget to stay tuned with the Fuse network and be part of the first airing of the series “The Hunting” and the following talk show.

Fuse network first venture on scripted series, “The Hustle,” the network is also the place for a variety of unscripted presentations. To mention the shows entitle,” Billy on the Street” portrayed by the famous and natural comedian Billy Eichner, “Ex-Wives of Rock” and “Warped Roadies.” As you continue to patronize the Fuse network, you will continue to be entertained with the different shows that it has showcased for you. So keep tuned and don’t forget to watch on the first scripted series ventured by Fuse to be aired very soon. Enjoy and continue to support the shows and Fuse network that you have always been watching and has always been a part of your daily lives.