The columnist from Standard Media Group, Tony Mochama a.k.a Smitta Smitten was announced as the winner of the Burt Award for Literature this year. While accepting the prestigious award, Tony exclaimed that the book entitled “Meet the Omtitas” was especially dedicated to his beloved brother Benji. Benji passed away after he became the victim of armed robbers. The emotional writer Smitta shared his thoughts about how Benji would never get to go through his book, and how his life after the death of his brother had been interrupted. As the winner of literature award, he was awarded a cash prize of $795,000 for his sincere and outstanding efforts.

Tony Mochama is a journalist and poet who lives and works from Nairobi. He is a law graduate, a gossip columnist extraordinaire, a vodka connoisseur and has an amazing collection of short stories. When it comes to entertainment journalism, Smitta is in an altogether different class. He is indeed one amongst millions and one of those once in a generation genius writers.

It’s often said that August is an unpopular month as the angel of death makes too many visits. This has been proved in the case of Smitta Smitten also. Smitta lost his kid brother after he was admitted in hospital after being severely injured by thugs. The incident had stricken Smitta, who then proceeded to pour out his heart in another book in memory of his younger brother. The book was so much appreciated and cherished amongst readers and judges alike and for his candid piece, Smitta was awarded this year’s Literature award.