The main motive as well as the objective of Party Match is to integrate the youth of South Africa and also familiarize them in a proper manner with the politics of the nation. The Party Match is an app that really works in a highly surprising manner.

The main objective and understanding behind Party Match

It actually sums up the political beliefs and nature of questionnaire of the young person and then matches his profile to that of a prominent politician. This app is also the winner of the Global Editors Network Hackathon in Cape Town in the beginning of September this year. The team who was the creator of this entire project won a prize of about 1265 pounds which is quite great and proves the sheer success of this wonderful app.

The power and the benefits of this app

There were many different projects that were developed but it needs to be noticed that among them Party Match actually won. This proves the technological capability of this project and also the process and the efforts that were put into it.
The great local potential that has been shown towards the process of news games has been really well highlighted. Furthermore, the importance of humor in order to make any political subject easier to explain has been well received by the crowd regarding this app and its working.

Justin Arenstein, who is the chief digital strategist of the African Media Initiative is totally for this venture and also really favors it. According to the words of Loni Prinsloo, it has been noticed that this app brings up various political parties like different members of a dating site. Loni Prinsloo is one of the chief journalists who were involved in the making of this app.

The main working mechanism of Party Match

The working mechanism of the app is quite simple and also quite engaging for all its users. One can simply click on several people engaged with politics and this will allow them to view their profiles. However, the core working mechanism is a bit different.

This app has a quite huge database and it includes all of the various political parties of South Africa. With that info, it provides good short information on all of these parties. Information is kept brief and in a crisp manner so as to keep the youth interested. A brief history on each of the parties is provided with complete directives and also rules of the party. After this, any of the teens and members of the youth accessing this app needs to answer a particular questionnaire.


A series of good well-chosen multiple choice questions are provided. With the answers provided by the user, the app will calibrate these answers and match them with the party on whose directives the user seems to be answering similar to.
All in all the software identifies the political party that would be the perfect match for the user. Therefore, it is quite evident that the app has been built in such a way that is appeals to the masses, mainly the college going students or basically the youth of the generation.